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We are an independent television production company specialising in all aspects of television from sponsorships to production, With over 16 years of experience all ideas and challenges are welcomed.

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Merv Hughes Fishing

Series 7 2021 on 7mate
Starts September 2021
Merv Hughes Fishing is a light hearted fishing show with some ripping catches, a few yarns (mostly true) mateship and of course a splash of comedy thrown in.

Merv Hughes Fishing series 1 aired 16th May 2015 with co-hosts Merv Hughes and Jason Kennedy.
Series 5 aired in 2019 and introduced Geoff "Squizzy" Taylor, one of Merv's best mates and new co-host of Merv Hughes Fishing. Ben Mix joined Jason Kennedy behind the scenes running all aspects of the shows production.
This year 2021 we see Merv and Squizzy back for series 7 in September with all new laughs and fun fishing adventures.

The Weekend Prospector

Series 4 2021 on 7mate
Starts October 2021 on 7mate.
Each week The Weekend Prospector tackles some of Australia’s most famous gold rush regions as one man will risk life and limb each week to take his audience to the edge of your seat with his unquenchable, insatiable thirst for gold.

Australia boasts some of the most rugged and most dangerous terrain in the world including extreme deserts, mountainous ranges, exotic beaches and of course the most deadly of them all “The Outback”.

Our host and geologist  Andrew Bales has spent the past 35 years unearthing fact from fiction and brushing aside some of the planet’s most deadliest snakes and crocodiles in search of Australia’s Outback Gold. 

The Weekend Prospepctor is one man’s quest to discover a bygone era, an era without written records, an era of Chinese whispers and myths of golden reefs and fortune, an era of buried treasures and hardships, turmoil and even murder, an era which will take him a to a place very few have been before and survived in his mission to discover Gold.  

The Weekend Prospector  

Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars

Series 3 2021 on 7mate
Series 3 Starts October 2021 on 7mate.
Australian footballing legend Robert "The Big Dipper" DiPierdomenico hosts the best Australian BBQ show exclusive to 7mate. Featuring an all-new line up of the country’s hottest and exciting BBQers for series 3. Each episode Dipper and the BBQers will demonstrate the ease of cooking the perfect BBQ for family and friends “The Aussie way”
Bring on the competition for 2021!!

Dipper's Destinations

Series 2 Starts 2021
Series 2 commencing October 2021 on 7mate.
Affectionately known as "Dipper", Robert DiPierdomenico played 240 games of AFL for the Hawthorn Football Club, winning five Premierships and the 1986 Brownlow Medal. 
Post football, Dipper has become a hugely popular media personality with his larrikin and knockabout attitude, making him one of Australia's most bankable celebrities.
This fun-packed destination show on 7mate follows Dipper to some stunning locations the world has to offer.

On Tour with Allan Border

Aired on 7mate February 2021
In his first ever national TV hosting role 'AB' will head up our new and exciting caravanning show "On Tour with Allan Border". Having dedicated himself to this country for the past three decades with his forthright and stoic leadership, Allan is now bringing his expertise to guide three generations exploring this beautiful country. Over the eight week series, AB will lead three teams of caravan explorers from different age groups to challenge themselves to find the best this country has to offer.

The Ultimate You

New Series on 7flix 2022
CEO of Ultimate You Change Centres Andy Anderson, along with guests AFL Legend Robert "Dipper" DiPierdomenico, will host an all new fitness series which delivers on inspiration and perspiration in equal amounts.

Focusing on mindset, nutrition and training (The Ultimate You's three central pillars of health), The Ultimate You follows the journeys of three everyday people (plus Dipper) looking to upgrade their lives. The series will put the real into reality TV as we get to witness the transformative process of regular training, healthy eating and mindfulness.

  The Ultimate You

Dvine Living with Dale Vine

New Series on 7TWO 2021
First series commencing August 2021 on 7TWO.
Dvine Living is for the next generation of DIYers – with The Block’s superstar Dale Vine bringing you all the tips and insights to backyard renovators and home makeovers in this highly accessible eight-part series. With over 250,000 social media followers, Dale has gained a cult like following on his social media platforms. His love for construction and gardening will shine through in every episode and Dale will help viewers create their own dream spaces from the initial vision to planning, budgeting and final execution. He is one of Australia’s most loved and bankable DIY superstars and is clearly suited to launch the DVine Living series which will highlight and promote all things DIY, both inside and out.

Fantastic partnership opportunities are available with MCW Productions for Dvine Living in 2021.
Contact MCW Productions here for more information.

MCW Productions - Team

“MCW Productions is a strong and dedicated handpicked team which I'm proud to say are the best in the business, whether it be the sales department with Michael and Charlee or production with Ben if you choose MCW for next project you’ve chosen the best”

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  • Just a little sneak peak behind the scenes DVine Living with MCW Productions

    AM To PM Renovations > 31/05/2021
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  • Dale's show is getting closer

    MCW Productions > 22/04/2021
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  • Oh yeah, so I’ve been filming a show, MY SHOW!! It’s gonna be wild, as well as pretty practical for the DIY lovers, with just a touch of idiot... DVine Living is coming to 7TWO this August! Get around it on Facebook! Plenty more to come legends! #ApprenticePresenters #TheyllLetAnyoneBeOnTelly #BitGoingOn #WeveGotAllTheSweetCameraDetailsTheresHighDefStuffSlowMoStuffEvenDroneStuff #FullyProfesh MCW Productions

    Dale and Sophie > 31/03/2021
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  • DVINE LIVING is coming!!

    MCW Productions > 19/03/2021
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  • WELCOME TO JAKE BEKKER!! The newest member to join the MCW team is Jake Bekker. Jake is an expert in all aspects of social media marketing and promotions. His knowledge on how to increase brand awareness and sales for our partners via all platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is above his age and maturity . Jake is always actively striving for perfection with not only techniques to implement on social media, he is also well versed in all aspects of camera work, audio production and editing and these are the main reasons why we welcome Jake with open arms at MCW Productions.

    MCW Productions > 23/02/2021
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  • ON TOUR with ALLAN BORDER TOMORROW!! I love this part of my job. Our new series called On Tour with Allan Border starts tomorrow at 11.58am on 7mate. This was one of biggest productions that MCW Productions has ever put together. The hardest component was dealing with the ever changing Covid 19 laws here in Victoria, so it would be derelict of me not to mention the sheer strength and character of so many amazing people including, Hugh Ryan Vikki Ryan Mark Hulford Charlee Hulford Ashe Factor and his 2 boys Tyson and Diesel for being our 3 storyline generations and sacrificing 3 months of their lives to put this together. To every cameraman that endured hard schedules and even harder working conditions during Winter my hat goes of to Jake Bekker Michael Delmarco Mark Harrison and Mr. Hollywood Ben Mix for making the impossible possible. To Jessica Mann and Camille Kennedy thank you for keeping the light on every time we were away from home ( it hurts to say goodbye). To the newly appointed Hall of famer MG Gibbs you've opened another door for us and we are truly thankful and appreciate everything you've done for MCW PRODUCTIONS. And last but not least our beautiful host Allan Border, words like legend and icon are synonymous with you however I'd like to add the words true gentlemen to the mix. To my very special people Michael Hoogzard Charlee Hulford, we did it, we bloody did it. To our show partners thank you for staying with us in one of the hardest years we've ever endured. If I've forgotten anyone I'm sorry however thank you to all involved. Kind Regards Jason Kennedy

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  • MCW Productions > 06/01/2021
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  • Another season of Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars begins tomorrow at 2pm on Channel 7 7mate. Hour length episodes showcasing great beers and BBQ. Had a great time filming and editing this for MCW Productions, although the isolation edits made the hunger a problem! 🥩 🍻

    Mix Media Productions > 15/10/2020
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  • As we embark on another series of Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars commencing this Friday at 2pm on 7mate, I must once again thank all involved with the production. Firstly Robert Dipierdomenico you are a superstar with your research and the way you bring the team together I can see why you won 5 premierships and a Brownlow. Secondly to the 7 BBQers and the 4 home brewers, WOW you guys nailed it and I know that Australia will love your food and beers. Thirdly to Mr. Hollywood/Bollywood Ben Mix you're the cornerstone of every MCW production and the benchmark for any budding cameraman/editor and now a true friend. And finally Charlee Hulford & Michael Hoogzard the A -Team behind MCW Productions, you guys see first hand that it's full noise all the time, however you've stayed with the plan and I can't thank you two enough and congratulations on another Australian TV first with this concept. I'm a very lucky man and count my blessings daily to have all the above and a family which gives me carte blanche to produce shows for everyone to enjoy (hopefully)xx

    MCW Productions > 14/10/2020
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  • We've got our girl, former 2014 Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin has joined the MCW Productions stable with her very own series called Natural Living. Tegan comes fully prepared to cover and explore all things beauty, nutrition and well being. Welcome aboard Tegan, with your ambition to educate, sharing your life experiences and your desire to inform all Australians of Natural Living, I know this series will be a great success.

    MCW Productions > 23/09/2020
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  • 🐟 WIN A SHIMANO PRIZE PACK! Only for Merv Hughes Fishing Viewers... Want to win this fishing pack 🎣 from Shimano all you have to do is: 👉LIKE - SHIMANO Australia Fishing SHARE - this post TAG - 2 fishing friends! Each comment with two tags is an additional entry! 💻 VISIT: www.shimanofish.com.au 🐠 Merv Hughes Fishing this Sunday at 4.30pm only on 7MATE and 4pm Tuesdays 🐠 SHIMANO Australia Fishing MCW Productions

    Merv Hughes Fishing > 05/08/2020
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  • 🐟 WIN A SHIMANO PRIZE PACK! Only for Merv Hughes Fishing Viewers... Want to win this fishing pack 🎣 from Shimano all you have to do is: 👉LIKE - SHIMANO Australia Fishing SHARE - this post TAG - 2 fishing friends! Each comment with two tags is an additional entry! 💻 VISIT: www.shimanofish.com.au 🐠 WATCH Merv Hughes Fishing this Sunday! Syd/Bris @ 3pm Mel/Ade @ 4.30pm only on 7MATE! 🐠 Check Local Guides! SHIMANO Australia Fishing MCW Productions

    Merv Hughes Fishing > 29/07/2020
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  • Brand new season of The Weekend Prospector to air in September on 7mate 📺 New host, new stories and some great finds! Had a ball again completing the production on this MCW Productions produced series. ⛏

    Mix Media Productions > 21/07/2020
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  • MCW Productions updated their cover photo.

    MCW Productions > 21/07/2020
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  • Big Merv is on ON AIR NOW, 4.30pm on 7MATE!!! Get on it! MCW Productions

    Merv Hughes Fishing > 19/07/2020
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  • 🐟 WIN A SHIMANO PRIZE PACK! Only for Merv Hughes Fishing Viewers... Want to win this fishing pack 🎣 from Shimano all you have to do is: 👉LIKE - SHIMANO Australia Fishing SHARE - this post TAG - 2 fishing friends! Each comment with two tags is an additional entry! 💻 VISIT: www.shimanofish.com.au 🐠 Merv Hughes Fishing this Sunday at 4.30pm only on 7MATE 🐠 SHIMANO Australia Fishing MCW Productions

    Merv Hughes Fishing > 15/07/2020
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  • WIN THE ULTIMATE REIDY'S LURE PACK!!! Reidys Lures are giving 3 LUCKY winners this amazing prize pack including a bag and 4 of the best lures to catch that monster fish 🐟 to enter: LIKE Reidy's Lures Australia SHARE this post TAG 2 Friends 🐠 Be watching Merv and Squizzy this Sunday on 7MATE at 4.30pm 🐠 MCW Productions Reidy's Lures Australia

    Merv Hughes Fishing > 14/07/2020
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  • 🔥 Get 10% off with SMOKEY Q RUBS & SAUCES 🔥 use the code : Dippers10 % Off Get 10 % off storewide min Purchase $50.00 until the 18th of JULY 💻 www.smokeyq.com.au MCW Productions Paul J Lange Smokey Q

    Dipper's Destinations > 13/07/2020
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