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We are an independent television production company specialising in all aspects of television from sponsorships to production, With over 16 years of experience all ideas and challenges are welcomed.

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Merv Hughes Fishing

Series 5 May 2019 on 7mate
Merv Hughes Fishing is a light hearted fishing show with some ripping catches, a few yarns (mostly true) mateship and of course a splash of comedy thrown in.

Merv Hughes Fishing series one episode one aired 16th May 2015 with co-hosts Merv Hughes and Jason Kennedy. Series 5 will introduce Geoff "Squizzy" Taylor, one of Merv's best mates and new co-host of Merv Hughes Fishing and one funny bugger. And secondly Ben Mix, Ben joins Jason Kennedy behind the scenes running all aspects of the shows production.

Merv Hughes Fishing Video

The Weekend Prospector

Series 2 starts September 2019 on 7mate
A back to basics light hearted program featuring some of Australia's richest gold rush and history towns.
Come along with Tommy Hamlett "The Weekend Prospector" as he searches high and low around this great country for his riches.

The Weekend Prospector series one episode one aired 27th of October 2018. Series 2 with host Tommy Hamlett  is set to be bigger than ever for 2019.

Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars

Series 1 All New Show May 2019
 Australian footballing legend Robert “The Big Dipper” Dipierdomenico hosts an all new Australian BBQ show featuring 4 of the country’s hottest and exciting BBQers every Saturday morning on 7mate. Each week Dipper and the boys will demonstrate the ease of cooking the perfect BBQ for family and friends in some iconic locations. Bring on the competition!!

All new series for MCW Productions with Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars on 7mate May 2019.

Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars Video

MCW Productions - Team

“MCW Productions is a strong and dedicated handpicked team which I’m proud to say are the best in the business, whether it be the sales department with Michael and Charlee or production with Ben if you choose MCW for next project you’ve chosen the best”

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  • A proud moment tonight with both Merv and Tommy being recognised as successful ambassadors of Minelab at their EOFY party @ HQ in Adelaide....well done boys.

    MCW Productions > 28/06/2019
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  • Dipper with Commodore Camille Daniels of the Long Beach Yacht Club and Skipper of Aussie Air Waves Ray Roberts, what an amazing experience we've had ⛵ #MCWProductions #dipper #america #usa #sunsandwaves #longbeachyachtclub

    MCW Productions > 24/06/2019
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  • Jase and Dipper are hanging out in Long Beach, America ⛵ #yachtrace #longbeach #america #usa #sunsandwater

    MCW Productions is with Jason Kennedy.

    MCW Productions > 23/06/2019
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  • MCW productions filming in the most stunning locations all over Australia for The Weekend Prospector Season 2 🎬📽 #mcwproductions #theweekendprospector #season2 #7mate #comingsoon #keepyoureyespeeled #beach #water #sun #surf #minelab #detectors

    MCW Productions > 09/06/2019
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  • Congratulations Leisure - Tec Family Parks & Leisure-Tec are proud to announce a new 4-year partnership. Family Parks – an established brand across Australia, New Zealand and soon to be China have teamed up with Leisure-Tec and their partner brands – Truma, myCOOLMAN and Milenco. This partnership places Leisure-Tec right at the coal face of the market, learning how customers preferences are changing and getting honest feedback on products allowing them to develop technologies and produce products and services that meet the shift in consumers demands. Paul Widdis, General Manager for Leisure-Tec said “we are very excited about this partnership with the team at Family Parks, it is crucial that product and service providers have a thorough understanding of the ever changing customer and their environment to make sure that their products and services continue to meet the ever evolving market. Family Parks has a great reputation for always putting their visitors first and making sure that their experience while at the park is the best it can be, we feel the same about our products, they should provide customers with not only more comfort on the move but also make their travels easier. This partnership allows us to understand consumer behaviour and shifts in the market, allowing us to maintain market leading innovative systems and technologies. Karl Heyman, CEO of Family Parks said “this is an opportunity for two known brands to promote and cross pollinate each other’s brand and to each other’s customers. Our aim will be to enhance and expose the Leisure-Tec brands to all our guests and flood our market with the services they offer.” This major partnership just further demonstrates to the industry that both Leisure-Tec and Family Parks are showing strong commitment to not only each other but are also to the end use.

    MCW Productions > 16/05/2019
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  • On set for our new and groundbreaking series focusing on our first responders and their trials and tribulations. This series is set for mid next year, please watch this space.

    MCW Productions > 13/05/2019
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  • On set for our new and groundbreaking series focusing on our first responders and their trials and tribulations. This series is set for mid next year, please watch this space.

    MCW Productions is with Camille Kennedy.

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    MCW Productions > 07/05/2019
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  • INTRODUCING OUR NEW DEPARTMENT. Haiyan heads up our new Asian television development department – she has worked extensively throughout Taiwan and China and is an integral part of bringing East West entertainment into MCW Productions

    MCW Productions > 07/05/2019
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  • As we embark on another proud MCW Production with Merv Hughes Fishing starting this Sunday at 2.30pm only on 7mate a big thank you goes out to the crew for all of your endless professesionslism and effort from concept stage to production to final product...from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

    MCW Productions > 03/05/2019
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  • We Have An Amazing Team Here At MCW Productions Making It A Bigger And Brighter 🌞 2019/2020 Check Out Our New Website At www.mcwproductions.com.au #MCWProductions #DippersBackyardBBQWars #MervHughesFishing #TheWeekendProspector #MoreToCome #TwentyNinteen #BiggestYearYet

    MCW Productions > 30/04/2019
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  • Today We Aired Episode 2 Of Dippers Backyard BBQ Wars!!! Keep Your Eyes Peeled Every Sunday At 9.30am On 7Mate... #MCWProductions #DippersBackyardBBQWars #Season1 #OnSundays #7Mate #9.30

    MCW Productions > 28/04/2019
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  • As we embark on another MCW PRODUCTION with Dipper's Backyard BBQ Wars starting tomorrow @ 9.30am on 7mate, I must say there are no better people to work with and these are the true superstars which make the magic happen. To Michael Hoogzard, Charlee McBride and Ben Mix I can only say thank you for making my and alot of other peoples people's dreams come true...love u guys...Jason Kennedy.

    MCW Productions is with Ben Mix and 2 others.

    MCW Productions > 20/04/2019
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  • Filming At The Old Butter Factory In Myrtleford ... Behind The Scenes With MCW Productions 🎥🎬 #DippersBackyardBBQWars #StartsThisSunday #930AM #EasterSunday #7Mate #MCWProductions #Sunshine #BBQBoys #GoodFood #GoodLaughs

    MCW Productions > 19/04/2019
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  • Tommy has travelled near and far this week knocking off 4 shows in 7 days, a true workhorse and superstar.

    MCW Productions shared a post.

    MCW Productions > 15/04/2019
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  • 1 WEEK TO GO!!! It's only 7 days away...Sunday 21st April @ 9.30am only on 7mate.

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  • 🎬 🎥 Filming Season 2 Of The Weekend Prospector With The Guys From Reeds Prospecting, Dry Gold Panning In York W.A #MCWProductions #TheWeekendProspector #Season2 #ComingSoon #7Mate #AllAussie #WatchThisSpace #York #WA #Minelab #ReedsProspecting

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  • When It's All About That Perfect Head Shot 🧔 Behind The Scenes Of "The Weekend Prospector" Season 2 ⚒ #MCWProductions #Capture #THEWEEKENDPROSPECTOR #Season2 #ComingSoon #7Mate #AllAussie #WatchThisSpace #TommyHamlett #Minelab

    MCW Productions > 10/04/2019
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  • When It's A Little Bit Cold In Tassie ☃️❄ Filming For Merv Hughes Fishing Season 5... #MervHughesFishing #MervAndSquiz #Season5 #ComingSoon #OnlyOn7Mate #MCWProductions #NewAgeCaravans #Anaconda #Minelab #MCWProductions

    MCW Productions > 04/04/2019
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